Carry My Cariad

Wraps, slings and cwtched-up things


I live in south WalePhoto on 06-06-2014 at 10.33 #4s with my  toddler daughter D. I have been carrying her since she was a fortnight old.

I co-ordinate our local sling group, Cwtch-Up Pontypridd, and also work as a babywearing consultant. My business is called Melyn Mair Sling Advice. I love to help people begin carrying their children, and enjoy making babywearing safe, fun and accessible for as many families as possible.


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  1. Hi, I’ve just read your blog in full and enjoyed every bit of it, especially the beautifully depicted history of the welsh shawl wraps! I am very new (& a tad nervous) to the world of baby wrapping. I failed to do it with my first and am really hoping to manage it with my new (4 month old) baby. I’ve started off with a ‘close caboo’ stretchie and a palm & ponds mei Thai, both of which I soon got to grips with and love, using them every day. As my confidence (and my baby!) is now growing, I’m looking at investing in a woven wrap… And maybe a ring sling! I’ve fallen in love with Danu’s ‘cloths of heaven’, especially the Aisling, as this is my favorite colour and feathers hold a very special, poignant meaning to me. Of course, you can no longer but these new, but I am on the hunt for an affordable second hand one! I am based in West Wales and have just joined your sling Face Book page. I will also continue following your incredibly helpful blogs and hope to learn and master at least one or two of the fascinating holds you’ve described! You’ve inspired me, thank you! Sam (& baby Seren!) x


    • Aw thank you Samantha. Good luck with your hunt for Aisling, there aren’t many of them about. I will let you know if I ever see one for sale. I help lots of people learn to wrap and the most common thing they say is that they wish they’d started sooner. There really is no lovelier way to carry your baby. So all I can say is don’t worry about getting the best, most perfect sling, get what you can afford and start enjoying the wonderful closeness. Good luck! x


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