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Woven wrap Joy and Joe Luceo Non Uro

I shine, not burn

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It’s always a gamble, buying a wrap before it’s even been woven. Generally I like to have a good look and feel of the material before committing to a purchase I may not love. But I was instantly smitten by the design of the Luceo Non Uro wrap. I love wraps with a nature theme, and this wrap features a beautiful hand drawn stag’s head, it’s antlers intertwined with flowers and leaves. Tiny birds nest on the uppermost branches. The name means ‘I Shine, Not Burn’, which is the motto of the MacKenzie clan, who have a stag’s head as their family crest. The design certainly feels slightly Celtic, very much something wild and green and close to nature.

Joy and Joe, the wrap’s manufacturer, had a public vote to decide the colourways the wrap should be woven in. Unfortunately my first choice, an amazing teal colour, didn’t win. But the wrap was offered for pre-order in two beautiful shades of green, so I opted for the subtle sage and started saving up.


Pre-order teaser shots from Joy and Joe

The wrap didn’t arrive for another three months, although J&J kept the anticipation up with some photos of the prototypes in action. Although they’re not yet a big name in the woven wrap world, Joy &Joe’s awesome Shiver Me paisley design is very well thought of, and the initial reviews of this wrap were very complimentary too. It came with a really cool tote bag, wrapped in tissue and ribbon and topped with a little paper bag containing an English breakfast teabag and an oaty biscuit. A really nice touch, which I quickly put to good use

I was really pleased with how the wrap looked straight out of the packet. It’s a 75/25 cotton and linen blend, and it had that familiar linen glossiness to it. It also had the familiar linen crunchiness too, and was a bit beastly to tie off in the first ruck I attempted.

The stag’s head is really well defined whichever side you choose to wrap, so it’s great for carries like kangaroo or Robin’s hip carry, which show off both sides of the wrap. One side is very shiny and smooth, and the other a little more grippy, with an embroidered feel. It would also make an awesome wrap conversion, either to a ring sling or a buckled carrier.

photo 5

LNU in natural light

Unfortunately the design is not justified with the middle marker on my wrap, so I have struggled to wrap it in a way that shows off the full magnificence of the antlers. It still looks nice, as these action photos show, but I haven’t yet cracked getting the deer’s face fully justified. If I do succeed in getting it near the middle of D’s back, I then end up with lop-sided tails, or a knot at the hip instead of directly behind me.

photo 2

Not quite justified

Nonetheless, it’s still a very comfortable, strong, sturdy wrap which carries my toddler without any sagging at all. An evening of braiding, plus a cool wash and steam iron, have softened it up considerably. The sateen weave also means it has retained its beautiful shine, which can sometimes dull as linen is broken in.


Robust enough to handle welly walks

We’ve taken it out for a few autumnal walks now, and it’s perfect for jumpers and wellies weather. The tight weave and easy care instructions mean I don’t feel anxious about getting a few twigs on it, even though the colour is quite pale. It certainly goes well with the turning leaves and pale sunshine of these October days.

photo 3-2

Perfect when matched with a big woolly scarf

Long term, I have a feeling I will have this wrap converted into a carrier than can do justice to the art it features. It’s glossy sturdiness would make it perfect for a toddler-worthy ring sling. This autumn it’ll be a great wrap for exploring the woods, but come the new year I think it’ll get a new lease of life matched up with a pair of shiny green rings.


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